6 Best Incense Holders to Buy Online 2022

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When it comes to incense holders, people usually consider it as an integral part of rituals or use it as an elixir to improve our spiritual life and mental health such as meditation, better sleep and much more. 

A must-have part to light incense is definitely incense holders. Owning an incense holder with beautiful design and style is also one of the considerations for you to have a perfect holder for your specific purpose.

Today, in this post, we’d love to give you 6 of The Best Incense Holders in 2022 that you can shop online just with a click.

How to choose the best incense holders 

There are many forms of incense such as sticks, coils, resin, and cones. Should you only light incense sticks, you can look for a holder with classic designs. You should also choose the one that can protect the incense from drafts.

Today, there are many incense holders with unique and distinctive looks such as backflow incense cones. Designs like these are not only usable but also aesthetically pleasing so you can place them in any corner of your space.

Incense holders themselves are made of many materials such as brass, wood or ceramic. Referring to ceramic holders, they are usually designed delicately and easy to clean stains on them. Wood ones will be a great choice with affordable prices and natural appearance. Meanwhile, brass holders are definitely your choice if you expect an incense holder with good high temperature resistance.

In short, there are many factors depending on your preferences and your intended use to choose the most suitable incense holder. Now let’s go to the main part of this article is 6 recommendations for incense holders of 2022!

Ceramic Incense Burner and Holder

Ceramic Incense Burner

A handmade ceramic with sophisticated design will surely conquer you even if you are a careful buyer. Unlike classic incense holders, a ceramic one has a variety of designs, colors and textures.

Ceramic incense holders are usually compact and easy to place in any corner of your house but still impressive. It is also easy to remove and clean just with a cotton cloth to wipe.

With a ceramic incense burner, you can use it for any kind of incense without being afraid to buy another holder. Aesthetic appearance is also a plus point for this kind of holder. Moreover, its portability definitely makes you mesmerized. However, for some people, it will be a little difficult to use and the color of ceramic incense burners can change overtime.

Backflow Waterfall Incense Holder

2. Backflow Waterfall Incense Holder

Backflow waterfall incense burners are currently one of the best sellers because of the aesthetics of its design. If you’re immersed in a gorgeous landscape or a cloud with an ancient temple scene, and so on. Just an incense holder but it can change for us a special, pure space.

Incense smoke will be released in a special shape depending on the design of a backflow incense burner. This incense holder creates a flow down to the bottom and brings us a sense of relaxation or feel like you’re in meditation.

So, if you’re looking for an incense burner to experience calmness and rituals, this is the one for you. But a backflow incense holder can cover too much space.

Bamboo Incense Stick Holder

Bamboo Incense Stick Holder

A bamboo stick holder is a perfect option if you expect an incense holder without taking up too much in your space. The price for a bamboo incense burner is friendly that you totally purchase. These incense holders are crafted from bamboo with antique and simple designs. 

Like backflow waterfall incense holders, a bamboo one makes us feel peaceful like you’re in a ritual atmosphere. However, you should consider placing it in a location with little wind because of the design characteristics of this incense holder, to avoid the incense stick from being turned off by the full strength of the wind.

Wooden Incense Holder

Wooden Incense Holder

Wooden incense holder is a classic one that you may see a lot. However, there are many different sizes and shapes now for you to choose from.

They are often handcrafted from wood that feels very natural like a tool for catching ashes. This gives you peace of mind when burning incense. Be sure to choose an incense stick holder that is the right size and safe to catch fire.

You can also find wooden incense burners as a decoration for your home even more!

Palo santo holder

Palo santo holder

One of the best incense holders of 2022 you must buy is a Palo santo burner for those who love igniting Palo Santo or burning incense during exercise or meditation.

It is made from pine timber and concrete with separate parts that allow us to clean easily. Currently on the market, there are many Palo santo holders with many unique designs and diverse colors to suit the tastes of buyers.

Clay incense holder

Clay incense holder

Last but not least, a clay incense holder is the last one we’d love to mention in this article. Made from white clay, you are sure to love the minimalist bright white tone of this incense burner. 

This is also a great choice for someone who likes to use incense to purify their space and meditate. The eco-friendly handmade incense burner is sure to conquer lovers of minimalism. With a clay incense holder, you don’t have to worry about how to clean it because with just a dry cloth you can wipe the dirt quickly and easily.

Bottom Line

Above are 6 of the best incense holders that you consider to buy this 2022. We believe that you’ve already had your own choice. No matter what kind of incense holders, IncenseBurner always welcomes you to visit and find your fave ones at unprecedented prices.

Don’t limit your choices, we’re here to open you with thousands of the most popular incense burners which come in a variety of sizes and shapes for your preferences.

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