Incense Waterfall: Everything You Need to Know

everything about incense waterfall

The incense waterfall can be a fairly new name for many of us. Some may have heard of it, but not everyone knows about the waterfall. So today, in this post, we’ll tell more interesting details about the incense waterfall and maybe you’ll be immersed with the incense waterfall. 

Let’s get started with!

What is an incense waterfall?

an incense waterfall

When it comes to the incense waterfall, people often think of a finely and aesthetically designed ceramic holder to store special incense that many Buddhists seem to like for decoration and use.

However, today it is widely used because it is designed to be diverse and functional. The incense waterfall also has another name as a backflow burner. 

How does an incense waterfall work?

how an incense waterfall works

There is a common question that many ask. It is how an incense waterfall works. In the first part of this post, we’ll guide you in detail to address your question. 

People take advantage of a natural phenomenon to cause the backflow burner to work. Incense cones with a small hole in the bottom contribute to making it work.

Understanding how the backflow incense works will help you better understand it and know how to use it properly.

How to use incense waterfall

Incense waterfall is special for those who love scents, because it emits many special scents and has unique effects that make everyone fall in love at first sight. Understanding how to use an incense waterfall is also very simple. Follow some of the effective ways we recommend!

First and foremost, it is necessary to learn the differences of the incense waterfall. There are a variety of shapes and sizes that satisfy people’s tastes. Many are cones, some are sticks and others are  powders. 

However, the process for each is totally different. Each backflow incense burner will work in its own way. Take an example to clarify this. The waterfall incense burners often go with cones rather than incense sticks. In other words, each incense waterfall can be designed differently but its mechanism of action and use is not different.

As mentioned above, a backflow incense burner can be designed distinctively and uniquely but it’s actually like an incense stick. To use an incense waterfall, you place the incense burner in a space that reduces the risk of fading away from the waterfall effect. It’ll be better to use the tweezer to hold the cone and light the top of the incense waterfall. As soon as you see the smoke, blow the flame and place it into the incense burner carefully. Well, that’s all!

You can do yoga, read a favorite book or just take a sip of tea while enjoying the scent of the waterfall incense and relax yourself.

How to clean incense burner

clean an inceanse burner

Referring to cleaning an incense waterfall, you’ll understand why we have to explain how a backflow burner works and how to use it. It is because you will know how to clean an incense waterfall appropriately. 

The essential oils that create the fragrance will remain in the burner over time of use. With continued use, it will gradually build up and form large oil stains. It also means that some oils will return to the bottom of the incense burner. If an incense waterfall is not cleaned regularly and properly, it will create an unpleasant odor. So how to clean an incense burner effortlessly?

Warm water

To clean an incense effectively, using warm water is one of the easiest ways you have to take note. Prepare plenty of moderately warm water that you can use to clean the backflow burner. 

Use ammonia and detergent

Create a solution from ammonia and detergent with a 1:3 ratio. The white vinegar can be a good alternative to ammonia and you use it in the same ratio as using ammonia.

Soak a soft cloth or a sponge in the mixture

Dip a clean soft cloth or a sponge in the solution (a sponge is preferred) to clean the incense waterfall. Then, you’ll wipe and scrub it gently to keep the original surface scratch-free. That’s why you should use a sponge to clean.

Remember that the main part needs cleaning is the oil residue in. Loosen the oil residue and use a sponge to clean it. 

For the hardest part of the backflow incense burner to clean, you should dip the burner in warm water and pour hot water directly into the container rather than letting the incense flow back into the soak. Then create a solution of white vinegar, detergent, ammonia, and hot water and add to the hot water just now. Rinse with warm water a few times and wipe with a dry sponge, and you have a clean incense waterfall like new!

There is no need to wait for your incense burner to smell or have dirt on the surface. You can use ingredients available at home to clean it quickly without spending much time and effort. However, the incense waterfall is often fragile, so be careful when cleaning to avoid breaking it!

Where can you buy an incense waterfall?

where to shop an incense waterfall

IncenseBurner is an online store where you can find thousands of incense waterfalls, incense holders and so on in many different sizes and shapes.

We’ve collected all the newest designs with many different prices to suit the needs of each person. We also regularly offer special offers and discount codes so you can buy at a friendly price.

Let’s explore more incense burners and find the best one you fall in love with. The process of buying an incense waterfall here is simple and easy.


Hopefully, this article helps you to have a better understanding of the incense waterfall and many useful things when using it.

Share with us if you have any questions about incense waterfall. We always try our best to bring you the best ones for the best experience!

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